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My experiences, learning and occasional ramblings on manageability in IT

About Cory Delamarter


About Cory Delamarter

I started working in IT in 2000 and I've been involved in manageability in some capacity since 2003.  Over that time I've primarily worked with Operations Manager and I'm now spending more and more time with Configuration Manager as well.  My roles have included jobs in IT operations, IT engineering and software engineering and through all of it my interest has been to learn the technologies deeply, share that knowledge with others and ideally run a successful environment along the way.

I wouldn't count myself as the most adept scripter in the world, but I also like to spend time working in whatever scripting or programming languages I need to automate work off my plate.  SQL and PowerShell being the too most commonly used tools in my belt.

My goals with this blog are to 1) share what I learn with the greater community 2) learn from the interactions I have with whatever readers my come my way and 3) commit some of the random tricks and ideas that come up to record so I can purge them from my brain.