Over on Techlog.org they have a nice write-up on the next version of Configuration Manager - System Center Configuration Manager.next.  This is coming straight from MMS via a Configuration Manager “State of the Union” session put on by Bill Anderson and Josh Pointer.  I won’t steal all of their thunder but I have their intro and a link below:


In the session System Center Configuration Manager “State of the Union” Bill Anderson and Josh Pointer revealed the first looks of next version of Configuration Manager. It's called System Center Configuration Manager.next

The first thing we noticed is that the interface has changed and looks like the Operations Manager 2007 console. They actually got rid of the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). They actually mentioned "no more F5", we'll see.

In this version of SCCM also Mobile Device Manager will be integrated, offering a single pane of glass view on device management. Licensing information will be announced within 60 days. The console now uses the wunderbar, in the wunderbar you can find the following items: Administration, resources, deployment, monitoring, reporting, software updates and site hierarchy management.

To continue reading see MMS 2009: information about Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.Next.

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer