Rafal Lukawiecki IT Security Event - Belfast May 18th

Yes we have secured Rafal Lukawiecki - a top global IT Security speaker (winner of the #1 presenter at Microsoft's European TechEd and IT Forum conferences for many year running), to present at a security event in Belfast on May 18th!

This complementary IT Security event will focus on Identity and Access Management.  For more details and registration please click here

Also the event starts at 10:15 to give non-Belfast residents a chance to make it up for the event.

Rafal's Bio

In his role as Strategic Consultant and Director at Project Botticelli Ltd Rafal is responsible for analysing, planning and forecasting the changes in the field of Information Technology. Through direct association with his clients, Rafal is working closely with teams of up to 150 software developers, as well as with investors and their boards of directors. This work allows him to practice the best principles of Microsoft Solutions Framework, and Microsoft Operations Framework - the secrets behind Microsoft's and many other IT companies' success. Amongst his past experiences, Rafal was also one of the founders of Bot Inc., a Seattle software development company. In his other previous roles at Oxford Computer Group Ltd and at Aris Corporation Rafal gained extensive practical experience in consulting and professional technical speaking on a variety of subjects, which he continues to perform at Project Botticelli Ltd. His frequent conference keynotes and other speeches have been sought after by many company directors, CEOs and business leaders. These included many Microsoft and other conferences, and very prestigious addresses in a number of European countries upon their governments' invitations. Recently, Rafal has presented at prestigious Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer events. Rafal specialises in four fields: study of programming models, security and cryptography, networking with IPv6, and project and operational management of IT. His work focuses mainly on: team building, management of software development ventures, designing successful IT support and operations, current and future software design patterns, eBusiness, Microsoft .NET strategy, ITC security, service oriented design, and messaging. In his spare time, Rafal has been writing a new book on Microsoft Solutions Framework aimed at its practitioners. Amongst tens of professional Microsoft qualifications he has previously obtained the MCSE, MCSD, Internet, MCT and unique MSF Master Trainer endorsements. Rafal also holds an MSc in the Foundations of Advanced Information Technology from Imperial College, University of London.