I'm currently here in the Silver Springs hotel in Cork.  I traveled down from Dublin yesterday to a great event hosted by IT at Cork all about RSS.  Rob Burke (MS) presented just how easy it will be for the end user to use RSS feeds.  One example that was when you're in IE7 you can click on a 'get feed button' (which looks just like the orange RSS button from Firefox - makes sense for everyone to stick to the same look and feel) and it automatically grabs the feed from the page you are on.  The end user doesn't necessarily know about it but they have just subscribed to an RSS feed! ... the way it should be really.

John Dunne from the Central Statistics Office then presented how they are using RSS on their site to enable the distribution of many of their statistical reports to all types of data consumers.

It was great to see that both the awareness and the usage of RSS has already increased in the south east in the last 5 months or so.  I remember at an IT at Cork event back in November when Robert Scoble asked the audience whether they had used RSS in any way... very few hands were raised.  However, last night the vast majority of the audience was using RSS in one way or another.  Fergus Burns of Nooked finished up on the night by presenting just how easy it is to publish RSS.  There really is no barrier to getting up and running with RSS on your site apart from the need to update the 'feed' on a regular basis.

In just three hours to go we'll be hosting the third of our TechNet tour events here in Cork (in the Silver Springs).  We've already had this 'Best Practice event on Active Directory, Microsoft Operations Manager and IP Sec' in Dublin and Belfast it is very hands on (70%+ demo based ) and it went down a treat.  So if you see this post in time you are still very welcome to join us here in Cork or in Galway tomorrow.