I missed St. Patrick's day in Ireland again this year (5th year running now ... previously due to me living and working in London).  I spent last Thursday and Friday with my TechNet colleagues from around Europe in Munich.

Though I may have missed the festivities I'm glad to say that I secured John Craddock and Sally Storey (you can read their bio's here) to present on Active Directory -Maximizing Performance and In-Depth Replication Troubleshooting- in Dublin on April 27th. This event will be a full-day complementary technical event and will give you the chance to hear from the experts first-hand.  I've spoken to the event organisers and they ensure me that the material that will be presented has been developed as a result of real-world problem solving and will provide a detailed technical drilldown on the internals of the Active Directory.

Here's the content that is going to be covered on the day:

Introduction and Just a Database?
Identifying attribute types; System and Search Flags; Linked Attributes; Operational Attributes; Phantom and Proxy Objects; Directory Partitions; Object Re-animation.

Maximizing AD Performance with 64-Bit Windows
AD Domain Controller Workloads; Event Tracing for Windows; Optimizing Performance; Search Management; Identifying Pinch Points; 64-Bit Windows; Intel Itanium vs Intel Xeon processors.

Ins and Outs of Replication
Replication Model; NTDS Settings; Site Roles; Topology Generation; Connection Objects; Knowledge Consistency Checker.

Intrasite and Intersite Replication
Notification Delays and Timings; Normal, Urgent and Immediate Replication; Intersite Topology Generation; Intersite Links and Transports; Site Link Bridges; Bridgehead Servers.

Identifying Changes and Troubleshooting
High Watermark and Up-to-dateness Vectors; Replication Conflicts and Metadata; Detecting USN Rollback; System State and Authoritative Restores; Lingering Object Removal.

If you are interested in this event I'd advise you to register ASAP as the places are filling up fast. 


Microsoft's European Product Development Centre (EPDC2)
South County Business Park
Leopardstown Dublin 18

To register click here: TechNet Event Registration