If you are interested in Hosted Services, come along to the Shared Web Hosting Seminar in Dublin the week after next. Members of the EMEA Microsoft Web Hosting team are coming over to Dublin to deliver a seminar on Hosting that extends a tour they did throughout the US and EMEA earlier in the year. We've been getting a lot of questions in about this from software companies who are looking to expand their business by provided hosted offerings - here is your chance to find out everything there is to know about Microsoft's offerings in the space.

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Where? Microsoft Offices, EPDC 2
When? Friday, 16th of December all-day.

Come along and get the skills and new tools you need to lower Shared Hosting operational costs while driving revenue. Attendees will learn how to:

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership with New IIS Tools
Discover how the new tools for Internet Information Services 6 (IIS6) can significantly reduce operational costs of Windows shared Web hosting. We'll demonstrate new Diagnostic and Monitoring Tools, which allow administrators to monitor and trace executing IIS requests, allowing better failure identification and resolution. Or simply put, we'll help you reduce the time you spend solving customer problems.

Drive Revenue with the Website Starters for Windows
Learn how the Website Starters for Windows - a set of third-party applications optimised to run in a Windows-based hosted environment - can help you increase revenue. Applications in Website Starters for Windows (including DotNetNuke Portal Builder, and Telligent Community Server Forums, Blogs, and Photo Gallery) drive end-customer interest and up-sell by providing a full set of compelling features built by Microsoft partners and the community. This technical session will show you how to deploy the Website Starters in your hosting environment.

Leverage Our Resources for Success
To help you succeed with Windows-based hosting, Microsoft provides numerous programs and tools. Let us show you how to:
• Save big and pay as you go with a Service Provider Licensing Agreement
• Accelerate your business with the Windows Web Hoster Program
• Use the ASP.NET Hosting Advantage to deploy and market your ASP.NET offerings
• Receive expert technical assistance from the Windows Hosting Technical Forums.