Providing online services like BPOS (  are not like shipping server or client software. Once you cut the bits for on-premise software, they pretty much stay the same for a while. Not so with online services. Microsoft is continually updating them to provide more services, protocols, and features. This makes it a bit of challenge to keep current. Since we shipped the services a couple years ago, we've added a bunch of capability including POP3, SMTP relay, migration from Hosted Exchange, Powershell commandlets for migration and administration, and a bunch more. AND the price went down to only $10 a month!


In that spirit, I'm happy to announce that the default mailbox size for Exchange Online is now 25GB!


That's up from 5GB. This 5x increase is free of charge and automatically implemented on new users. You can increase existing users to 25GB if you need as your overall allocation for mailboxes has been increased to (25GB x number of users) instead of (5GB x number of users).  The best place to keep up to date BPOS feature announcements is the BPOS team blog so bookmark that blogs and track the RSS feed to stay up do date.