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Clive's MOM Blog


Clive's MOM Blog

A quick bio on me

I joined Microsoft UK in 1994 (how time has flown) as a support engineer, supporting back then Lan Manager and Windows NT. I'd had some experience with my former employer with demonstrating a Microsoft Beta product, only referenced by codename at the time, Hermes! Hermes was to become Systems Management Server 1.0 (SMS). I became one of the first engineers in the EMEA region to support SMS from day 1. One year later I was an Escalation Engineer for SMS and supported the product through to Feb 2006.

I had the fantastic opportunity back in 99/00 to also begin supporting Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM). This was after Microsoft aquired (I hope aquired is the right word;) ) the rights to the Operations Manager code from NetIQ. You could say this has been my primary focus ever since. I worked as an Escalation Engineer (CPR) on MOM up until Feb 06.

My current role is as a Supportability Program Manager for MOM.