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  • Blog Post: In case you missed Live Migration on Monday

    Bob Muglia showcases the Hyper-V Live Migration platform. Bellevue, Wash., Sept. 8, 2008. You can view the video here     Technorati Tags: Hyper-V , Live Migration , Virtualizationi  
  • Blog Post: Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V and BitLocker Drive Encryption

    BitLocker allows as you know Operating System boot and disk drive encryption. How you can use this for Hyper-V and virtual machines is documented in this white paper here       Technorati Tags: Hyper-V , virtualization
  • Blog Post: TechReady stuff...

    Last week was TechReady3 in Seattle for a few Microsoft colleagues and I (5000+ I think), it’s the Microsoft technical communities internal TechEd conference. Over the next few weeks or months you should start to see some of the announcements and details on what we learnt and were shown mentioned. A...
  • Blog Post: Windows Server 2003 Security guide has been updated

    I just saw on that we have posted an updated Windows Server 2003 Security guide. This updated technical guidance provides information about how to harden computers that run Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1). A collection of security templates, scripts, and additional...
  • Blog Post: Windows NT Backup - Restore Utility

    This utility will enable backups made with NtBackup under XP or 2003 to be restore to Vista or Longhorn. It's available on the downloads website now. Technorati tags: windowsserver
  • Blog Post: WSSRA - Virtual Environments for Development and Test

    I just read the " Upstate-NY-Technology " Blog and noticed the last post which mentioned the WSSRA-VE guide or to give it it's full snappy title: Windows Server System Reference Architecture Virtual Environments for Development and Test (WSSRA-VE). This was something I meant to Blog about when it...
  • Blog Post: New Windows Server information from today

    Two blogs I noticed today from the Windows Server team were, some more details on Windows Server 2003 SP2 (also applies to XP x64 edition) and that CCS (Compute Cluster Server) is now on our Volume Price list, i.e. Generally available.
  • Blog Post: New Podcast site (to me anyway)

    An email today mentioned a website I'd not heard of before; there are some big names in Windows Virtualization that have provided interviews. I've only managed to listen to Mark so far... Dr. Mark Russinovich , Microsoft Technical Fellow Eric Traut , Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Mike Neil , General...
  • Blog Post: Windows Compute Cluster Server has RTM'd

    The Windows Server Blog has all the details. The Register also made the point that the UK has been choosen for the launch, read the article by David Norfolk at the Register website .
  • Blog Post: Security Configuration Wizard - Blogcasts

    Steve Lamb has started a Blogcast series on Security Configuration Wizard (SCW), so if you need to know more on this technology that was introduced with Windows Server 2003 SP1, take a look here .
  • Blog Post: How to simplify the creation and maintenance of IPsec filters - new support article & download

    This article just appeared on our support site (7th April), I know from conversations the amount of filters in IPsec has been an issue for many of you. It seems the ‘simple policy’ achieves a dramatic saving…here is the gist of the problem and resolution: This article describes an update that you...
  • Blog Post: DHCP goodness

    The DHCP team went blog crazy yesterday releasing multiple posts , It's been a while since I had to dabble with DHCP in anger however I often skim read their blog. Yesterday saw many hints and tips published worth taking a look I think...
  • Blog Post: Top 10 Server Consolidation issues – Part 7

    So this is the final post in this series. I feel like I’ve missed out loads of information but it was my intention at the outset to present you with the major issues customers have told me about, and how I address them. 9. Change control or the lack of I wrote in Part 3 about policy and changes...
  • Blog Post: Increase a VHD size - the methods

    Dugie and others have posted about this in the past, now Conrad has added some great detail, especially leveraging native Microsoft tools (some still in beta). Basically you have a choice of: Method 1 . Using WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit) which uses Imagex.exe and WinPE rather than a 3rd...
  • Blog Post: WinFS beta 1 released

    Just after the rumour started WinFS arrived, you can get the download at MSDN , or look at the channel 9 video and blog and it works on Windows XP (as mentioned on this blog )
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Cluster Configuration Validation Wizard (Clusprep) is released

    It seems like forever that "Clusprep" (as it's known) has been in beta - it's great to see it's finally been released and available to download here . If your not familiar with the beta and what this tool does here is a snippet The Microsoft Cluster Configuration Validation Wizard, a.k.a. "ClusPrep...
  • Blog Post: Branch Office Infratstructure Solution (updated for Windows Server 2003 R2)

    Seeing as I've been asked for this link many times this week here is the BOIS R2 guide which was released earlier this month. All the new R2 features are included.
  • Blog Post: Windows Server 2003 SP2 Release Candidate

    All the details you'll ever need are here - this seems to a excellent summary and has many useful links.
  • Blog Post: DFS MOM Pack for Windows Server 2003 R2

    A DFS MOM pack for R2 was released yesterday, you can download it here . Thanks to Paul for the heads up.
  • Blog Post: Normal service to resume...

    As you may have noticed I’ve been on holiday for a few weeks...and been busy on a few pieces of work – I’m now back and the usual amount of posts should resume soon. I liked this FSRM tip that was posted recently . and Ben had this to...
  • Blog Post: Can you help with "Centro"?

    Kevin asks for your help with "Centro", find out what he wants and what "Centro" is on his blog .
  • Blog Post: VHD format licence will change

    You will see that the VHD licence is no longer royalty-free, from now on it will be OSP (Open Specification Promise), " an irrevocable promise from Microsoft to every individual and organization in the world to make use of this patented technology for free, now and forever when implementing specified...
  • Blog Post: Windows Server KB articles

    Recent KB articles (or updates to) for Windows Server 842304 Printer performance is slow on a large print server in Windows Server 2003 875542 The computer stops responding when you use the Hot Add Memory feature to add RAM in Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 885287 A memory leak may...
  • Blog Post: WHS goes RC

    One of my favorite pieces of software (or should that be feature rich OS) has just hit Release Candidate status, the Windows Home Server blog has all the details. 100,000+ of you have already had the chance to beta this, more places will be made available for this RC. Technorati tags: Windows Home Server
  • Blog Post: Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 Beta – Part4

    I just noticed on that the Community Preview Release #3 is now available. Sorry I haven't posted much recently about CCS but I had to give my servers back...but I aim to get another test rig together next week. Full CCS details can be found here on the Microsoft website...