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Clive Watson, Datacenter Technical Specialist, Microsoft UK

April, 2009

  • How Microsoft IT does…virtualisation

    I finally caught up with some reading this week, this was an article I meant to look at when published: How Microsoft Designs the Virtualization Host and Network Infrastructure . Just as I finish that one, we release; Best Practices for Deploying Virtual...
  • MDOP 2009 now available

    All the details can be found on the Official MDOP blog and here on the main virtualization site.   Highlights: APP-V 4.5 CU1 is now available as part of MDOP 2009.  App-V 4.5 CU1 adds support for Windows 7 beta , so customers can move ahead...
  • UK event: Citrix iForum in June

    Reducing costs, improving efficiencies and increasing performance is a challenge for any business…but Microsoft and Citrix can help. Citrix and Microsoft have decades of experience working together to provide customers a range of solutions which deliver...
  • Easy SCVMM tracing

    If you've ever had to follow Cheng’s definitive article on setting up SCVMM tracing you know it’s a reasonably simple process but with lots of steps. Now you can do all this in 4 easy steps thanks to Jonathan     Technorati Tags: SCVMM , tracing