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Clive Watson, Datacenter Technical Specialist, Microsoft UK

February, 2007

  • WDS for Network shares

    John may have just found a great add-in to index network shares into Windows Desktop Search...I like the sound of that! It works for Windows Server 20003, Xp and Vista. Technorati tags: Client , Vista , Windows Server
  • Feb 2007 CTP of Windows Server 'longhorn'

    Lots of new changes in the latest CTP build, full details here . Technorati tags: Windowsserver , Longhorn
  • test - please ignore

    As I said this is a test...nothing to see here Technorati tags: Test
  • Virtual PC 2007 available to download

    So Virtual PC 2007 has just released, with amongst other things support for Vista as a host or guest Ben , John , Keith and Kevin have more details...roll on Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 The download is here and there is also an updated Virtual PC Website
  • Live Writer

    I may be way behind on this I just noticed that the latest version of Windows Live Writer allows me to copy pictures from the clipboard straight into the blog post. When last I tried (which I think was in August 06) this wasn't working, the workaround...
  • Search Folders in Outlook 2007, my configuration

    Ewan's recent post on search folders in Outlook inspired me to change my Outlook 2007 behavior (I guess I'd been doing pretty much the same thing for 8 or so I was due a change). Prior to this change I'd made extensive use of rules to manage...
  • Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization, and their blog

    Seems I missed this blog coming on-line at the end of last I'll correct that now . The second post from this time gives you a good summary and details on the offering in their words: How Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization technology...
  • Windows Dreamscene Preview (beta is now on WU)

    This must be one of the most talked about Vista Ultimate Extra's and featured heavily during the Vista launch - well the beta has now been posted on Windows will need Windows Vista Ultimate Edition and be Glass enabled to make it run. Then...
  • AMD-V hotfix download available

    Windows hotfix for computers that have AMD hardware-assisted virtualization support (AMD-V) Brief Description Windows hotfix for a computer that is running the x64 edition of Windows Server 2003 or of Windows XP stops responding after you install the...
  • 3 New features for WDS

    Now I must make some time to have a play with this (when I do I'll let you know, please feel free to give me a nudge if I take too long)...multicast sounds like a major step forward and as they say it's the number one "ask" from our customers [that's...
  • Microsoft Cluster Configuration Validation Wizard (Clusprep) is released

    It seems like forever that "Clusprep" (as it's known) has been in beta - it's great to see it's finally been released and available to download here . If your not familiar with the beta and what this tool does here is a snippet The Microsoft Cluster...
  • The home of home

    If the recently announced Windows Home Server interests you they now have a blog The Windows Home Server team is eager to share news, insights and information about our product. And we're equally eager to hear your...