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Clive Watson, Datacenter Technical Specialist, Microsoft UK

June, 2006

  • NAP webcast

    NAP continues to be a hot topic, see this very recent webcast by Joseph Davies (also link to a whitepaper) for more details.
  • Windows Server KB articles

    Recent KB articles (or updates to) for Windows Server 842304 Printer performance is slow on a large print server in Windows Server 2003 875542 The computer stops responding when you use the Hot Add Memory feature to add RAM in Windows Server 2003...
  • Vista and booting issue resolution

    I've been dual booting for a while whilst testing Vista, on occasion I've lost either Vista or Windows XP from the boot menu (the downside of dogfooding), this KB article has the work around necessary to get this fixed.
  • PowerShell script editor

    I sent this link to Brett (who managed blog about it first), this looks to be a good start the comments on the PowerShell blog suggest there is some way to go, I found it useful, even if you only use it to learn the syntax...
  • Windows Compute Cluster Server has RTM'd

    The Windows Server Blog has all the details. The Register also made the point that the UK has been choosen for the launch, read the article by David Norfolk at the Register website .
  • Question: Does Virtual Server support Longhorn Beta2 as a guest?

    I recieved this question in the mail today: Does Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 Beta 1 support Windows Longhorn Server Beta 2 as a guest OS? The answer is that it will run, but wont be "supported' until both Longhorn server and SP1 are released, VMadditions...
  • New Networking and Access Technologies web page

    There is a new Microsoft page for Networking and Access Technologies The site links you to long list of IT Pro focused information and content. The Networking and Access topic areas covered include: • Network Access Protection • Server and Domain Isolation...
  • Summary of WinHEC around Virtualization

    Ben kindly created a Virtualization related summary of WinHEC 2006, here are the deatils: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Virtualization ------------------------------------------------...