Clint Huffman's Windows Troubleshooting in the Field Blog

Clint Huffman is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer (PFE) who has been with Microsoft for over 10 years. This blog documents the challenges he faces week to week in hopes that these experiences will help others.

March, 2011

  • The Microsoft TechNet Wiki Performance Guide (PerfGuide)

    One of the major reasons why I haven’t been blogging much is because I have spent most of my “free” time working on the Microsoft TechNet Wiki writing what I call the “PerfGuide”. We have a lot of great content up there for Windows performance analysis...
  • The PAL Tool on Memory Leaks

    To prevent a process from crashing due to a System.OutOfMemory condition, the .NET garbage collector (GC) automatically defragments virtual memory. It can only do this for Gen 0 and Gen 1 memory allocations. Any allocations at 64 KB or larger will go...