I'm a contributor for the book "Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications" and it is now published on Amazon.com. This was a lot of work on everyone's part to get this completed and I got to work with a lot of old friends as well such as Mark Tomlinson and Ed Glas. Mark and I used to work in the Microsoft Services Labs together doing test consulting with customers, so we have a lot of real world experience in this guide. In any case, Scott Barber put in a *ton* of work into this, so I'm glad to see him as the author.

Our patterns & practices Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications book is now available on Amazon.

After a left the labs, I focus nearly all of my attention on performance analysis now, so the two How to articles that I wrote didn't make it into the book because they deal more with analysis than testing. I spoke to J.D. Meier to see if we could do a book on Performance Analysis next, but they have to finish other projects first. In any case, he liked the idea, so who knows... maybe in another year or two we'll have a book on it. In the meantime, I'll just blog about it. ;-)

Here are the two How to articles that I wrote:

How To - Identify a Disk Performance Bottleneck Using SPA

How To - Identify Functions Causing High  CPU

As you can see, these articles are geared for perf analysis versus testing, so they didn't make it into the book. In any case, I'm happy to have them up on Codeplex.com, because I reference them a *lot* when working with my customers on perf issues.