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    The Adventures Continue 1 | 6 Brandon Is Lost. Can You Help? May 17, 2012 "The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator" invites the audience to collaborate with filmmaker Edgar Wright and illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards on the ongoing story of Brandon...
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    Amazing possibilities for the future of personal computing were on display this week at TechForum, an event hosted by Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie. Mundie was joined by Interactive Entertainment Business President Don Mattrick, Online Services Division President Qi Lu...
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    by BV Test
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        A couple of weeks ago I was hosting a group of international media on Microsoft’s campus and we had a session with Curtis Wong from Microsoft Research. He was there to show the group some new capabilities in Excel that we’ll talk more about later this week, but in doing so he showed...
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    Test bullet Our Process Microsoft Vendor Program Supplier Diversity Program Register Your Interest Glossary Test image test words Test table fd f fd fd f fd fd f fd fd f fd fd f ...