Hybrid Cloud Storage

Integrating cloud storage services with on-premises enterprise storage

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  • Blog Post: Shifting up from infrastructure management to data-driven innovation

    Woot! It's a huge day for us at StorSimple/Microsoft! We are announcing our new Microsoft Azure StorSimple 8000 series arrays, the StorSimple 8100 & 8600, that integrate with two new Azure services, the Microsoft Azure StorSimple Manager and the Microsoft Azure StorSimple Virtual Appliance. The...
  • Blog Post: Hybrid cloud storage with an object storage back end

    I attended the Object Storage Summit last week in San Francisco. It was an excellent event with lots of good discussions about object storage - what it is, how people are using it, how is it being sold, is it a feature or a market? In short all the necessary navel-gazing that goes on when a technology...
  • Blog Post: Whiteboard video overview of the Microsoft hybrid cloud storage solution

    Here's a whiteboard video I made introducing the Microsoft hybrid cloud storage solution. It's based on the technologies Microsoft acquired with StorSimple and their integration with Windows Azure Storage. Here's a link to our web page at Microsoft if you want to find out more.
  • Blog Post: Storage from the other end of the telescope

    If you are involved with managing your company’s storage infrastructure, you might be tired of hearing about how your company can use IaaS to improve software development. It might sound promising, but as a storage person they won’t help you solve your worst storage problems such as backup...
  • Blog Post: Devices and services enterprise architectures are happening

    As you are probably aware, Microsoft is becoming a "devices & services" company . Don't assume that devices refer just to phones, tablets and consumer services, because they can also be data center infrastructure products. The same way that client/server architectures reshaped enterprise computing...