Today we are excited to announce availability of the StorSimple Adapter for SharePoint (SASP) for the StorSimple solution. The StorSimple Adapter for SharePoint brings the hybrid cloud storage capabilities of Microsoft Azure StorSimple to on premise SharePoint farm deployments. StorSimple's distinctive hybrid storage features such as dynamic capacity expansion to Azure storage, automated off-site data protection with cloud snapshots, and inline deduplication and compression combine together with SharePoint's rich collaboration and management offerings. The result is a compelling synergistic solution from Microsoft, that is fully supported and is ready to deploy into datacenters today.


The solution uses SharePoint Remote BLOB Storage to seamlessly offload BLOB content stored in SharePoint's SQL Server based content databases onto iSCSI volumes stored and managed by the StorSimple appliance. This solution relieves IO load on the SQL Server to improve end user responsiveness and enables the user data to get the benefit of data protection and disaster recovery features that are the hallmark of StorSimple. The collaborative, content-driven nature of SharePoint benefits from this solution. In partnership with Kroll Ontrack, IT administrators can search and restore individual SharePoint items without conducting a full database restore by using Ontrack PowerControls (version 7.2). All these capabilities are available and supported on SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.


For more information about the StorSimple Adapter for SharePoint please visit the documentation page.