Blogging (well actually any type of proactive communication) is pretty foreign to me. I am not sure that I have a lot of interesting things to say but I’ll blog once a week and do my best to keep it interesting. I’ll mainly focus on current events in my Microsoft life as the Product Unit Manager of the Window Server Customer Connection team. When I get writers block I’ll discuss my experiences with high tech products at home.


The mission of the WSCC team is to connect the server development teams with customers and partners in a variety of ways including community participation, technical adoption programs, the Enterprise Engineering Center (EEC) as well as various other programs. I have run the EEC for almost 2 years and was fortunate enough to recently inherit the other customer connection programs (along with some great people) and thus the WSCC team was born.


Both my teams,  the Enterprise Engineering Center and the Windows TAP maintain their own blogs which will give you deeper insight into what we do,  you can find these blogs here


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