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    Hello All, Today I did some work with one of my customers around the distributed cache, and just wanted to discuss it with you a bit. First the service is a local service and not a service application, so when you do anything to it you are affecting the single server. Second servers are combined...
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    Hello All, I was recently asked about Yammer and SharePoint integration by a customer and I got some information which I had sent them. Just for a reference here is that info: Microsoft will be making announcements about the Cloud service it will provide for Yammer on 11/12/2012 There is...
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    Hello All, Recently had a conversation with a customer about how SharePoint 2013 works within a Geographically dispersed environment, and here are the highlights from that conversation. First thing we need to do is review if we actually need to have a geographically dispersed farm or can we actually...