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June, 2012

  • SharePoint Tidbit - Slipstreaming SharePoint install...

    Hello All, I know it is not really slipstreaming but the end result is the same and slipstreaming just sounds cool. So you can do this for both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010, and I would recommend that you make it a habit that as you introduce...
  • What port does PowerShell remoting use?

    By default PowerShell will use the following ports for communication (They are the same ports as WinRM)

    TCP/5985 = HTTP

    TCP/5986 = HTTPS

    While I would recommend you stay with the defaults, If you are not happy with this or your security team is not happy with this there are some other choices

  • SharePoint Tidbit - April CU re-released

    Sending out this update that the April 2012 CU has been updated and re-released.  If you wish to download it you can do so from the following links

  • SharePoint Diagnostic Logging - Part 1

    So who has recently looked at Diagnostic Logging in SharePoint 2010?  And who has sat there and compared it to SharePoint 2007, it's getting more complex but so much more useful.

    For those of you who are still learning.  Diagnostic logging is where SharePoint logs it's actions, and will do with varying degrees based on the verbosity that you set for it.