Here's an interesting thought...What if a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is not the future of all business applications?  There's still much scepticism out there today as to what benefits SOA actually brings for every budget spent.  In addition, for each vendor that lays claim to having SOA enabled software, their definitions seem to differ.

Personally, I'm contemplating how Software as a Service (as a whole) and disparate vendor enabled SOA's will all tie together, especially in the context of Web2.0 and particularly user identity.

I like this article as a primer and agree wholeheartedly with the fact that, "SOA should allow you to build dashboards of active Web services components and create applications on the fly that behave your way -- the way you want them to behave" but I feel it stops some way short of defining where any ROI comes from...

Link to E-Commerce News: Web Services: What Everyone Needs to Know About SOA