Matt Hester, one of our IT Evangelists out of the great state of Texas, has made the most recent post in our VMware or Microsoft blog series. Matt talks about the relationship between Microsoft and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). here is an excerpt -


In today’s post I am going to talk about applications and Independent Software Vendors (ISV).  This is all about the applications that run and are supported in the respective virtualization platforms. To be honest, the arguments from either side imageof the coin can get a little trite. 

VMware for vSphere 5.1 makes this statement  regarding ISV apps:

2,000+applications explicitly supported by 1,000+ software providers

They also follow up with this statement about Microsoft Hyper-V Beta 3:

No explicit support statements for virtualized apps

While the VMware statement is “technically correct” because they used the word BETA, what they do not tell you is this: 

If it is certified on Windows Server, then it is already certified on Hyper-V.

Let me repeat that:

If it is certified on Windows Server, then it is already certified on Hyper-V

Now I am not going to go and count the number of apps and software providers that we support at Microsoft but I am sure we have several thousands.  I think my calculator would break if I tried to count them all.  (You can find them here:

Nuff said!!…but if you want to learn more keep reading: ….at Matt’s blog!


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