In our on-going series on VMware or Microsoft, my co-worker, Keith Mayer dives deeper into the questions of patch management. I first discussed this at the hypervisor level in my post - VMware or Microsoft: Simplified Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 Host Patching = Greater Security and More Uptime. In Keith’s blog post, he delves deeper into this topic with a specific focus on Cluster Aware Updating – a process of using a planned, orchestrated approach to patching Hyper-V host and leveraging Live Migration to ensure the workloads the hosts run are not impacted. Here is a little taste of his post -


If you’ve supported enterprise IT solutions for as long as I have, at some point in time you have most likely witnessed The 3 Immutable Truths of IT Patch Management.  Respect these truths, and you’ll enjoy a stable, manageable datacenter environment.  Ignore these truths, and … well … let’s not even think about those possibilities! Surprised smile

The 3 Immutable Truths of IT Patch Management
  1. All software requires patch updates from time-to-time.
  2. All hardware requires firmware updates from time-to-time.
  3. If you attempt to dismiss #1 or #2 as being irrelevant to you, you may soon know well one of my favorite quotes:

  4. Quote

Once we’ve accepted these 3 truths … the questions we have at-hand in enterprise IT management are not “Why apply patches?” nor “How many patches?” And, certainly, we don’t want to be in a situation where we are asking ourselves “How long can I go without applying patches?”

Ugh! Those questions quickly lead down a path that could be a recipe for datacenter disaster!

You can find the rest of his post here -


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