For a number of years we organized Tech Ed Europe (target audience 50% developers, 50% IT professionals) in the first week of July and Microsoft IT Forum (100% IT professionals) in the third week of November.

In 2006 we will organize the following 2 technical events:

  • Tech Ed: Developers (week November 6th, CCIB Barcelona, Spain) 
  • Tech Ed: IT Forum (week November 13th, CCIB Barcelona, Spain)

Tech Ed: Developers will be a deep-dive technical event addressing the specific requirements of developers.
Tech Ed: IT Forum will be replacing IT Forum but will retain its focus on IT professionals and their distinctive needs. This is just a slight change in branding.

The two conferences will for the first time run in consecutive weeks in November 2006, creating Microsoft’s premier technical education platform in the region and a central feature of the IT industry calendar.

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Tech Ed: Developers

Tech Ed: IT Forum