• This month's TechNet Plus subscription package includes the release of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005. Both 32 and 64 bit versions are included.
  • Also shipping is the recent Windows Vista Community Technology Preview update.  Evaluate the latest beta of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. 
  • This month's subscription package includes a huge collection of advanced scripting tips, including Using Scripts to Manage Word's Complex Scripts Options and Using Scripts to Manage Word's Security Options. Here are some additional highlights:
    To help get you up to speed, start with the Sesame Script series of introductory guides
  • Then, take control by Using Scripts to Manage Word's AutoFormat Options
  • Doctor Scripto’s Script Shop breaks down intermediate to advanced scripts into code modules
  • Hey, Scripting Guy! answers scripting questions from IT pros with samples—and wit.
  • Also, the package has some great security-focused content and includes documents detailing: 
    • Windows XP Security Guide
    Configuring ISA Server 2004 on a Computer with a Single Network Adapter
  • Hardening the Windows Infrastructure on a Computer Running ISA Server 2004 Computer
  • Tips for Designing, Building, and Deploying More Secure Web Applications
  • The current shipment also features a lot of new tools, new Services Packs and new TechNet Plus evaluation software.
    If you are already a TechNet subscriber you should receive your December CD/DVD-Shipment in the next 5 - 10 days. If you are not subscribed yet and want to profit from the value that a TechNet subscription offers, visit following website:
    By the way, if you buy a TechNet Plus Subscription before December 31, 2005 you will benefit from a promotional price.