Security is a top priority both for Microsoft and for our solutions partners. The critical need for Information technology (IT) security has created a high market demand for security services and software. Microsoft is committed to developing a security product portfolio to evolve how our customers and partners look at securing the IT infrastructure. Microsoft relies on a solid security partner ecosystem that supports our customer needs using our technology. Providing security solutions for your customers helps create a deeper relationship with them and increases your ability to be their trusted adviser as it relates to their IT infrastructure.
The competency was restructured by adding two new specializations, Security Management and Infrastructure Security, to support our partner’s business focus and to better their position their products, solutions and services in the market.  We also revised the competency requirements to include security industry certifications like ISC2 and ISACA to improve the security partner ecosystem’s ability to meet the needs of the market and to expand the opportunity for our security partners to be a part of the Microsoft Partner Program. We’ve added additional program benefits to help our security partners develop and enhance their ability to be the customer’s trusted advisor.
The enhancements to the Security Solutions Competency does not only benefit our partners. Our customers will benefit from the enhanced and developed abilities of our partners.
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