In an effort to provide you with functionality that will be built into the next versions of MOM and SMS, we released the following ITIL-based Microsoft Operation Framework (MOF) solutions for SMS 2003 and MOM 2005.

SMS 2003 Desired Configuration Monitoring: This solution helps enable you to easily define desired configuration settings across multiple hardware and software configuration sources and detect configuration non-compliance. The SMS 2003 Desired Configuration Management solution provides the components required to define and compare configuration templates, or manifests, and provide detailed reports of configuration non-compliance using data collected by SMS 2003. The solution is a pre-cursor to the SDM-based desired configuration monitoring functionality planned to be delivered as part of SMS V4, providing this capability against SMS 2003 today.

MOM 2005 SLA Scorecard for Exchange: This solution provides an executive dashboard for measuring and trending service availability and workloads across multiple server roles in an Exchange Server messaging environment. This solution also helps you to collaborate and define desired service levels and identify the cause of service outages. The SLA Scorecard uses event and performance data collected by MOM 2005, providing you with the ability to determine a baseline for their current Exchange Server infrastructure, and then deliver consistent metrics and reports monitoring performance against the baseline & providing trend information over time. In turn the scorecard provides information to help you better understand the capabilities of their messaging environment so they can confidently commit to service level agreement targets.

Both solutions can be downloaded from our download center