Continuing its efforts to make Windows a storage-friendly platform, Microsoft has unveiled the storage management features that will be part of the coming updates to Windows 2003, including a 'quasi SRM' tool, WAFS-style services and SharePoint collaboration software.

Some of the new features will appear only in Release 2 of Windows Storage Server 2003 - the version of Windows mostly tailored to power NAS boxes - while others will appear in the release and in Release 2 of the general purpose Windows Server 2003. Both operating systems will ship to hardware makers before the year-end, and reach customers in the first quarter.

What Microsoft itself describes as a "quasi-SRM" tool will ship in both releases, and will be a basic storage management product aimed at SMBs, replacing the W Quinn-developed SRM software that Microsoft currently OEMs from Symantec.

Called "File Service Resource Manager," the Microsoft code will set user and directory quotas, apply filters to contraband files such as music files, and report on file usage and access histories.

More will come later, as Microsoft said that it will develop its SRM software for the Longhorn release of Windows, due to ship in 2007. Third-party software developers will be able to exploit the software functions of the software via an API. Microsoft also said that it may develop a visual SAN topology function.