Microsoft has started a new service to record our highest rated IT Pro conferences and provide the content on-demand on line in high resolution video.


This service, called, is live today and already contains many of our most interesting technical presentations this year. You can now watch these presentations at your own convenience from your office or home.


Topics covered are security, Windows Server System, SQL Server, Interoperability, Management, and more.  Speakers are the top rated experts in our international conferences - Steve Riley, Jesper M. Johansson, Rafal Lukawiecki, John Craddock, Kimberly Tripp, Justin Alderson, as well as local technical experts.  Each session is recorded using multiple cameras for a broadcast TV quality experience online.   Streaming is in high resolution and each video is even available to download for viewing off-line in near-DVD resolution. 


We are  sure that you will find IT’s Showtime! by TechNet an effective and convenient way to access our best technical speakers and content.  This is a free service so be sure to check it out and recommend it to your colleagues.


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Here is a list of some sessions currently available:



TCP/IP for Security Administrators

Steve Riley

Cryptography Overview

Rafal Lukawiecki

Holistic security and digital trust

Rafal Lukawiecki

Getting and Staying Secure

Steve Riley, Jesper M. Johansson

What Nobody Ever Told You About Securing SQL Server

Jesper M. Johansson



Windows Server System


Exchange Server 2003 Cluster Deployments

Scott Schnoll

Microsoft Identity Management Strategy and Roadmap

Andreas Luther

Windows Storage Server 2003

Justin Alderson, Mat Young

Virtual Server 2005 Technical Overview

John Howard

Best of MMS - Microsoft Management Product Roadmap

Brad Anderson

Best of MMS - MOM & SMS 2003 Technical drilldown

Vlad Joanovic, Brad Anderson

Best of MMS - The Dynamic Systems Initiative

Michael Emanuel



SQL Server


SQL PASS Community Summit - Keynote

Jim Gray, Len Wyatt, Bill Baker

SQL Server 2005 VLDB Backup and Recovery

Kimberly Tripp

SQL Server Index Creation Best Practices

Kimberly Tripp

SQL Server Index Defragmentation

Kimberly Tripp

Best Practices for Upgrading to SQL Server 2005

Michael Schechter, Michael Raheem

SQL Server 2005 OS Foundational Elements

Bob Dorr

Data Mining with SQL Server 2005

Jamie MacLennan





Linux and open source software a technical perspective and overview

Bill Hilf

Reducing IT complexity

Bill Hilf

Stretching Directory Boundaries AD-Unix Interoperability

John Craddock

Windows Kernel Internals

David Solomon

Firewall Security: Microsoft - Linux

Martijn Bellaard