Seit gestern, gibt es eine neue Version des Netzwerkmonitors zum allgemeinen herunterladen. Auch diese Version wartet wieder mit zahlreichen Neuerungen auf. Hier die Details (Release Notes):

• Process tracking: Categorize network traffic based on the name and
  ID of the owning process.
• Improved capture rate:  Drop fewer frames on high-speed networks.
Find conversations:  Quickly isolate related frames.
• Support for frame truncation.
• Indication of the number of dropped frames.
• Streamlined UI toolbar.
• ContainsBin plug-in: Search frames for arbitrary byte sequences or
• PCAP capture file support.*
Network Monitor 3.2 API: Create your own applications that capture,
  parse, and analyze network traffic.

• New NPL plug-ins to manipulate UTF-8, UTF-16 and ASCII strings.
• Ability to filter on elements in an NPL array or while
  loop. For example, DNS.QRecord[0].QuestionName = 'x' searches
  for a QuestionName match in the first QRecord. DNS.QRecord.QuestionName
  ='x' searches for a QuestionName match in any QRecord.
• NPL and API SDK documentation.
Ability to configure Hex Details view.
• Indication of whether a conversation is on or off added to the status bar.
• List of recently opened capture files on the start page.
• IA64 support.
• Ability to select all (CTRL + A) in the Frame Summary window.
• Logical organization of the Decode As view.
• Right-click filtering bugs fixed.
• Complete parsers shipped for over 300 protocols
• Parser organized into folders. Only parsers for 161 commonly used
  protocols loaded by default.
• Decoupling of Network Monitor core engine from parser package. You can
  download and upgrade parser packages from site (coming soon).

Die Hard- und Software Anforderungen sind:

    • 1 GHz or greater CPU
    • 1 GB or greater memory
    • 25 MB free hard disk space plus extra room for capture files

  Operating System (X86, AMD64):
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows Server 2008 (+ IA64 builds)


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