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VistaBlgThe long night of waiting is over.  Windows Vista is deep into the Beta and CTP programs.  Some of the features are recognizable from Windows XP, while others are so absolutely amazing they will knock your socks off.  One of the new features is the built in Voice Recognition.  I took the time to make a short demonstration on how to set it up and use it.  It is so impressive!  So if you would like to see the future of Voice recognition in action on todays Windows Vista operating system don’t take my word for it.  Watch the podcast and see it for yourself, then try it on your own machine.  This demonstartion was recorded using build 5270 (Beta 2) of Windows Vista.  Enjoy the podcast and watch for future casts on features and benefits of Windows Vista.

Windows Vista Voice Recognition 


  • Can it be configured to use trigger words .. that is only recognize the trigger word followed by a single command? Can I ask it to read a web page or a particular screen's text area? And/or, can it be configured to only do desktop functions?

  • Well, Microsoft is finally catching up.

  • umm... can't see the vid, but this sounds much like what I already do (and have been doing) with my mac. Only with mac os I have Applescripting that I can 'program' commands to give me a lot more flexibility and versatility. Some of the points and commands mentioned are much more advanced, but keep in mind that speech recognition in the mac has gone pretty much unchanged for about a decade. With M$ releasing this I bet Apple will rekindle their efforts in this technology.

  • Yep, still copying features that have been in Mac OS X for a while.  Sure, they may enhance things, but its certainly nothing new and nothing that Apple can't enhance very quickly to surpass this.

  • What, you think everyone in the world uses Windows? How about encoding it in something that will play on more than one lame platform?  Quicktime/H.264 Maybe?

  • “Watch the podcast and see it for yourself, then try it on your own machine.” (Henley)

  • For all the Mac Zealots complaining, MS had a speech recognition SDK kit out a long time ago.  It worked better than what was on Mac OS 8 - MUCH better even back in the day (1996 or 97ish).  I hope you Zealots can actually comment on something in life w/o always having to put your Apple comments scattered all over the place, makes it look like your desperate for something (which I don’t know what, but something).

  • Cool that it's going to be in Vista for free, no add-on needed, but it's been done? Anyone ever heard of Scansoft - Dragon Naturally Speaking? Nothing really totally new, besides, I don't think Voice recgonition is worth using yet at this point. It's so much faster typing with a keyboard or pointing/clicking with the mouse. I suppose it is a good gesture though as a built-in accessiblilty service, I will give them that. Bravo.

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  • I wonder how the engine handles people with low raspy voice with weak inflection. My friend is disabled and told me that is his problem with the speech recognition engines he's tried: they don't identify him.

    Mr. Henley's voice is pretty clear and the system had trouble recognizing "bill gates" from "build."

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  • Interesting, but throws up some questions: if you wanted to write 'close that' in a text editor, for example - would you *have* to temporarily disable speech recognition?
    It's a fun gummick, but controling the OS with speech commands was patently slower than just clicking around with the mouse - and relatively error prone (viz. having to repeat 'load Office' and 'scroll down' commands, which would just get to be annoying as hell).
    It's also fairly slow... after the final demonstration, there was a fair lapse before it parsed the 'stop listening' command, and starting doing all sorts of odd things in the meantime.
    It's the sort of auperfluous feature that'll get people all excited in principal, but won't get any use in practise - I can't imagine anyone putting up with the quirks for more than a week after unwrapping.

  • Voice recognition software that's slower than using a keyboard?  How unbelievable useless.

  • Definitely an overkill! It can be supremely annoying to your the guy who sits at your neighbouring desk as well.

  • Its nice and shows good improvements but laks so much that I still would not bother. Untill this technology is perfect and has a "startrek computer" like responce, or at least gets somewhere close, its probably going to be a waste of time. Looks kind of fun to play with for a bit. M$ realy has to keep up on this for it to gather any popularity and I would like to see that.

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