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Hi this is Chandana Hathi a member of the Windows Server Community team.

The charter of our team is to increase IT Pro satisfaction with Microsoft. Basically this means changing the culture of a company to be more in-tune with the customers. 

Parts of the company, such as the developer divisions, have been more effective at it and have been working for a longer time at establishing an online community. As a result we have a lot of engaged developers in the community.

However for the other parts of the company involving customers at every stage of the product life cycle has not very easy to do. This, in my opinion, is due to the lack of infrastructure that is needed as well as (and more importantly) the need to make community interactions an integral part of the daily job and getting recognized and rewarded for it.

This will change in the upcoming months.

In my blog I will try to outline how this change is progressing.

  • Great to see you starting up a web blog, Chandana!

    Rod Trent

  • Thank you Rod. Its something that I have been debating for a while. Finally go the courage to do!

  • Hey Chandana! I'm with Rod - great to see you blogging! I'm actually surprised that more people involved with the MVP program don't blog - or do I just not know about them?

  • Thank you Mike. I am not an avid writer but I do believe in what I am working on so it makes it easier for me to write about it.
    About other folks involved with the MVP program and blogging, I talked to my immediate MVP Leads (John Buscher, Gary Wilson and Jamie Sloan) and they do not have a blog as of yet. I did find other folks though. Ben Miller (MVP Lead for IIS, and Asia Pacific and Greater China,Community & MVP has a blog. Those are the two I could find. Will surely keep you posted if I find more.