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This [we]blog will be used to share thoughts (mostly technical), examples, tutorials, etc. for Microsoft Tech (mostly Azure and Azure Stack).

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    Hello readers and viewers! I realize it has been a LONG time since I published an “8-Minute-Demo”, but I figured it was time. I was going to wait until my voice was back to normal, but I didn’t know how long you would have to wait. So, please excuse the hoarseness of my voice. Today’s Video Topic: Have...
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    Hello Readers/Viewers! Today we take a look at some new functionality within the VMM Self-Service Portal 2.0 SP1 Release. BACKGROUND If you haven’t already heard, Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service Portal 2.0 SP1 was recently released. In the long list of new features , one in particular stood out...
  • Blog Post: @Tech·Ed North America 2011 - System Center Orchestrator Booth

    I wanted to provide a quick guide to this blog for those of you new to this blog (especially those of you who have been directed to this site from one of the people at the System Center Orchestrator booth @ TENA 2011 !) :) SYSTEM CENTER ORCHESTRATOR BETA CEP SIGN-UP!!! -
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    Readers/Viewers – The following is a guide to my past and current blog posts: ALL VIDEOS - YouTube Channel: COMMUNITY CONTENT - CodePlex: and What is Opalis Integration Server / System...