Larry Larsen from Channel 10 caught up with several companies doing great work with Windows Media Center at EHX Spring 2008 in Orlando. Representatives from Autonomic Controls, Superna, Cutting Edge PC’s, and Cannon PC’s showcased several products that you can offer in custom Windows Media Center installations. Below are his videos and his summaries of them.


Autonomic Controls

“I talked to Michael De Nigris from Autonomic Controls. They have a very cool system for Media Center that includes some very innovative solutions. For starters, they can take a 7.1 sound card (which is technically 8 channels) and split it into 4 individual stereo zones that they can send throughout your house. They also have a solution for using a UMPC (or TabletPC, or laptop) as an uber remote control for your Media Center. Very cool.



Superna is a company that makes solutions to connect all your different systems together. They have a software layer that will connect your XP Media Center, Vista Media Center, home automation, and touch panels from various third parties. Oded Vardi from Superna spent a few minutes telling me about their whole home system and walks us through Superna's ControlWare.”


Cutting Edge PCs

“ I got a chance to visit with John Oliver from Cutting Edge PC's. Cutting Edge makes some really nice high end Media Center machines with features like Whole House Control and integration with VideoGiant.”


Cannon PC

“I met up with Gregg Cannon from Cannon PCs are high end Media Center PCs including HTPC boxes, rack mount PCs, and a very nice EX series with a built-in LCD.  I talked to Gregg about why they choose to focus on Media Center devices and the differences between a Cannon PC and something you'd get in a consumer "big box" store. Gregg also has another announcement coming next month so stay tuned.”