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    Here’s a great post by Steve Sinofsky on “Connecting your apps, files, PCs and devices to the cloud with SkyDrive and Windows 8.” “ …offering a cloud service for each and every Windows 8 customer and all their PCs (and phones), should you choose to use it. In previous posts ( Signing in to Windows 8...
  • Blog Post: June 21-Attend Microsoft’s Faculty Summit!

    Teaching courses is a lot of work, the constant pressure to keep courses relevant, pressure to build industry partnerships, publish papers, bring in funding, serve on committees, how can you find time to keep up? We want to help, so we’ve put together a series of sessions for teachers and faculty, to...
  • Blog Post: WinMetro Requests is Now Available

    The Windows Store is ever growing, but sometimes the application you’re looking for is only available for Windows Desktop or other environments. WinMetro , launched this week by Visual C# MVP Scott Dorman, is you’re opportunity to request applications and show those companies just how much interest there...