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  • Blog Post: Journal: Speaking at ITU/UN WSIS Geneva and Astana Economic Forum ASTEX 2013

    I am heading out this week: Vancouver, Toronto, Frankfurt, Geneva. In Geneva, I am speaking at the ITU/UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). The session theme chaired by IFIP IP3 board chair Brenda Aynsley is, “Why We Need an ICT Profession to Grow Our Citizenry, Our GDP and Our...
  • Blog Post: Journal--V Astana Economic Forum / Connect 2012 Forum

    At the V Astana Economic Forum / Connect 2012 Forum (AEF), I had an opportunity to share and talk with top-ranking leaders and executives from business, industry, governments, academia, notable organizations and media. The total including remote interest in the V Astana Economic Forum / Connect 2012...