Earlier I blogged about this program: Internet Explorer 8 and Kinsa Help Canadians Browse with Confidence.

Here’s more on this  10-week campaign including videos giving you tips on how to protect yourself from online dangers. They have just launched their second video on identity theft: http://www.youtube.com/user/MicrosoftTeamCanada#p/a/u/0/rH_wHjqD-xw.

What is of particular interest is that according to Stat Can’s recent report, Canadian’s internet use has increased by 73 per cent since 2007. With 21.7 million people now online across Canada it’s more important than ever that the people learn how to best protect their personal information. It’s more than just privacy concerns on social media sites – it’s also about protecting your data from criminals looking to access your personal data and steal your identity.

With the launch of the Internet Explorer 8’s Browse with Confidence (www.browsewithconfidence.ca) campaign, Microsoft Canada wants to get people thinking about their online security.

Stephen Ibaraki