This is the next blog in the continuing series of interviews with leading professionals. In this series of blogs, I have an exclusive interview with Barb Bowman. Barb is an internationally acknowledged home networking and device authority; Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) - Windows Networking and Windows XP Media Center.


Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., MVP


Barb Bowman

Stephen: Make your ten predictions for the future-no boundaries or topic limits here…

Barb: This may be more of a wish list then prediction based and a dream sequence, but:

1. Biometrics will be the primary means of authentication.

2. Voice/voiceprint recognition enabled technology will unlock doors, provide in home automation and more.

3. Everyone will be issued a permanent IP address (IPv6 perhaps) at birth that will be theirs for a lifetime and totally portable.

4. Bionic limbs will become a reality.

5. Technology will overcome global warming.

6. All unused computer cycles globally will be universally available for medical research and development.

7. We will discover a self-renewing completely safe form of energy.

8. Basic Internet access will be globally available without cost with the arrival of "Internet 2.0".

9. We will solve the Digital Rights Management dilemma and Intellectual Property protection problem with technology that is totally transparent and non-confrontational.

10.The existing body of great literature and art will be digitized in a free, universally available electronic library.

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