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Guest Blogger - Graham Jones

Guest Blogger - Graham Jones

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Graham’s formal education is a degree in Chemical Engineering from the UK and an IT Diploma in Canada. He is a registered P.Eng in BC, has passed the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam, achieved the MCSD designation (pre .NET) and passed MOS exams. Graham has had a very varied 40+ year career: process plant design, operation and management; Project, Engineering and IT management; software development for process plant design; 3D computer aided process plant design; enterprise web development; Office application development. Graham has had a “love affair” with computers since his University days; paper tape, punched cards, assembly language, etc. Since then computers have figured somewhere in every position that he has held, often pioneering their use.

In 2008 Graham decided to “retire”, spend more time with his family, including his grandchildren, finish the “started” projects in his woodworking shop and continue as President of the Vancouver Technology User Group (, a position that he has held for over 8 years now. Then in late 2008 he was invited by Microsoft Corporate to be part of a small selection committee tasked with putting forward and evaluating candidates for key management positions for the new all volunteer Culminis organization. The outcome was that on October 1st, 2008 Graham found himself as Vice-Chair of the newly formed Culminis Global Board. On July 1st, 2009 Graham moved to the Global Chair position which is a one year appointment. Leading Culminis is keeping him very busy and true “retirement” now seems nowhere in sight.

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