Recognition is another way to highlight what your teams have done and help managers with IT Pro retention!   Not every organization is doing this and I've learned that recognition is a key way to keep people jazzed about their role and show them how they are appriciated.   To help raise awareness we've created a National program to bring attention to what innovative solutions you are delivering.  We feel that it's really important to bring this to a national perspective and give you a way to highlight your team and key individuals acomplishments!  I hope that you use this progam and I think that it would be really cool to see managers across Canada nominate their team.    I can't wait to to hear the stories!
Nominate an IT Professional for the "TechNet Canada Innovation Award"
The TechNet Canada Innovation Award is awarded to a Canadian IT Professional who has used Microsoft-based technology to make a positive impact in their work or community. Nominate your IT Pro Hero today.