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About the Canadian IT Managers blog


About the Canadian IT Managers blog

The Canadian IT Managers blog is a forum for Canadian IT Managers to share thoughts, comments, and experiences.  By including both Microsoft commentary, Resident bloggers, and guest bloggers, we strive to:

  1. Help you stay ahead of your customers/team and keep you informed with the right amount of information that is applicable to you, your team and company.
  2. Provide you information in your context and make it applicable to your size of organization… whether it is 20 desktops or 100,000
  3. Share the knowledge that other people have similar problems, sharing how they were solved would be beneficial and will save you time.
  4. Talk about capabilities and how the solution solves the problem not the features and functionality.

If you have a comment, please contact us, or leave a comment on a post.  If you have something to say, please feel free to contact us about being a guest blogger.