One of the new features we're working on for the next release of Microsoft Online Services is the ability to bulk import up to 500 users into the system so you can get your company up and running with our service.  We're debating internally one aspect of our design and I would be interested in hearing from IT people around the world what they think.

 Our current design is as follows:

- You upload a CSV file and we create the user accounts for you

- Then you select those users and can activate them using our activation wizard

- The activation wizard gives these users passwords and assigns them a license

The debate is whether or not we should combine the import/creation process with the password creation and license assignment functionality.

Here are the pros/cons as I see them:


- You get your users running with a single wizard



- This wizard will need to be about 6 steps as opposed to 3 during import and 3 during activation

-  You have to assign the same licenses to all of the imported users, and you dont get the flexibility to assign certain users certain licenses

-  If you import 500 users, you may not want to create 500 passwords right away, instead you might want to activate 100 users at a time, or do it by department.

 All that said, I would love to hear what you think.  Your ideas here can influence our design!