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Question for you - How many types of email users do you have at your company?

Question for you - How many types of email users do you have at your company?

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One of the features I'm working on will allow you to establish a user profile for email, which will do things like limit their email quota, set their max send and receive size of email messages, and if Outlook web access should be enabled/disabled.  There's a bunch of other settings as well, but you get the point.

 My question for you, as a mid-sized business IT person, if these settings were grouped into a set of pre-defined templates, how many templates would you feasibly need for your company?  Here's a sample of what I mean...

Let's say you have an "Executive" template, which allows for a 3 GB mailbox size, a big send limit, and use of OWA.  And then you have a "Factory worker" template with a 500 MB mailbox size, a 3 MB send/recieve limit, and no acecss to OWA.  How many of these templates would you need?  What would they be?

 Thanks in advance for your participation in this very un-scientific survey.

  • Judging from my experience with customers i'd probably go for the following (not sure if all are actually possible)

    1. The Boss - no restrictions what so ever. No mailbox quota, no file size attachment, owa, outlook mobile (and the ability to read everyone elses email too). Yes I know this isn't practical (especially in the file size attachment but several bosses insist on it)

    2. Senior Management - No quota, 25mb limit, outlook web and mobile access.

    3. Standard users - 500mb to 1gb limit (2gb would be nice as that is what google gives but gives backup headaches), owa access

    4. shop floor users - 100mb mailbox, no owa, no oma, no external email - internal only.

    The problem is that numbers do not really scale well. A typical sbs site can probably afford to give everyone 1gb mailboxes as they are not going to hit the store limit,however do that on a company with 200 employees and you really have to be tight with storage. Also to a certain extent it relys on the client mail package too - no point in having small quotas if you force everyone to archive and then they loose work as their mail gets to greater than 2gb on outlook 2000.)

    On a side note - I'd love to hear a real world solution on how users should archive data away from the server to pst files (to reduce their quota) but at the same time have backups of their email and NOT put them on a network drive for backup purposes (with the problems this causes with speed and corruption)

  • I would say their are 3 - 4 Templates that would be useful (we have 220 Mailboxes on Exchange 2003 Standard:

    Senior Managment (including Boss and those with Three Letter Titles)

    No Quota

    25MB Send Limit



    Management (entry level managers / power users)

    2GB Quota

    25MB Send Limit



    Standard User (office worker)

    500MB Quota

    10MB Send Limit


    Restricted User (floor worker)

    100MB Quota

    3MB Send Limit

    Possibly OWA Only

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