The next stage was to test out both trials. The ease of sign-up and basic out of box configuration was something I wanted to get to grips with as well as later test the full functionality. However as this section states, this is the sign up phase.

The first part of this was to purchase 2 domains. So I bought these from godaddy as are cheap, quick and simple to configure: (the reason for is highlighted below) (and


BPOS and GApps both have simple places to go to sign up for a trial and were easy to locate. BPOS utilising LIVE-ID, whereas GApps using the Google Checkout.

BPOS was VERY easy to set up, input domain, input live ID and my address details that weren’t already attributed to my account and I received an email…SORTED!

BPOS signup trial

However my first problem with GApps was that it wouldn’t let me use my domain. So not being able to use the I purchased a .com domain. It turned out GApps wouldnt let me sign up wit a domain with “google” in it, so I had to buy another domain to use, this one was  googleappsdemo signup

Not a great start google! However, imagine my horror when I was directed to the Google checkout and asked how many users I wish to trial, and when selecting 3 I was prompted to enter my card details for about £120. Google claim they only ‘Allocate’ the funds so that they can be taken out the moment my trial is over if I don’t cancel. I don’t know how you feel about this, but this strikes me as one of those cheap companies that rely on you forgetting to cancel or missing the deadline, and this did NOT fill me with confidence.

Google checkout

So now I have my trial and my domains I had to link them together or Verify my domain so BPOS and GApps know I ACTUALLY own the domain. Both companies required a similar set up:

BPOS domain verify co uk


Verify domain

As I hadn’t selected any hosting options on the domains I purchased I opted with both companies to create a CNAME record. This was then verified by BPOS and GApps in turn and voila, I had verified my domains and the standard set up was complete.