imageDownload IE8 here and really start to have more fun with the internet not to mention how much easier everything is. Web Slices, isolated tabs (one tab crashes and the browser doesn’t die), coloured tabs, and the Accelerators are COOL;

Simply highlight some text and out of box you can carry out any of the above cool one click tasks.

Add any one of the extra downloadable accelerators, for example, tweet with twitter, and it allows one click to open up and puts the highlighted text into the tweet box.

I particularly like the ‘Map with Live maps’. Many times I search for a local version of a chain store, or even a takeaway, and I am presented with an address or postcode. This will display a small map of the local area around the highlighted address, or if you click ‘Map with Live Maps’ it will open up a new page with a full map. Cool huh!