Everyone knows it takes 3 days for a new Domain to ‘properly propagate’. So When planning a greenfield install, or any other scenario that would involve you migrating or creating a new domain, this post will hopefully save you the hassle I had.

When setting up the Internet address using the wizard in SBS 2008 you are given 3 providers to choose from. I went with register.com.

3 days earlier I had registered the domain on register.com, so trying to be clever, when it came to the wizard, I could simply select “I already have a domain”, and then “I would like the server to manage the domain for me”.

Great, or so i thought! BE AWARE, the registrar for www.register.com is their  “retail division”, whereas domains bought through the wizard have the “Global Partner Network” (GPN) as the registrar. That means the wizard will search for an account with the GPN. If you can see you domain and account at www.my-account-mananger.com then the wizard process will be successful.

If your account details are still at www.register.com you will need to migrate your account to the GPN registrar.

Please note that if you purchased the domain through the wizard the registrar will be the correct one to use, but you will have to wait the allotted 72 hours.