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Flying with Win 7

Flying with Win 7

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Ta dah! Win 7 beta 1 is available! Oh yes! hello to all the things in vista that you thought wouldnt it be awesome if you could.....

Now call me old fashion but one thing that has been phased out over the years are manuals (not that we would ever read it anyway, and thats the reason they stopped wasting half a tree, as if you wanted to read a manual you could go online) However, how do you find out about features in a new OS? Well below I have created a really basic video manual to get ppl up and running to make sure (if you dont have Win 7 yet, you'll go out and try it) and if you do have it you're not missing any of the Cooooool features.

Before I start I am just going to clarify something....Win 7 isn't JUST cool, its build around the same kernel as Vista, and has security top of the list of important things to take care of...... I'm not sure I'm allowed to say this but I will anyway, if you want a safe Operating system (phone, desktop or server) it will be windows everytime, lets be honest how far up the list of importance is security in Mac OS? Top 3: Cool, Funky, Playful..... still no security. Now Win 7 has all the fun, funky and cool features but is as secure as vista and will continue to be more secure moving ahead!

So here they are:

1. Task tray icons

2. Peek

3. Taskbar and start menu

5. Sidebar and Bit Locker 2 Go

6. IE 8 and networks

7. UAC adjustment

8. Action Centre & Devices

  • PingBack from http://peaksupport.wordpress.com/2009/01/10/getting-started-with-windows-7/

  • My good friend Jamie Burgess was kind enough to upload some great training videos around Windows 7 Beta. 

  • Top work J - very useful, keep them coming!

  • So, this was a painless process and is working very nicely indeed. So much so in fact that I’m going

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