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January, 2009

  • Permission to Dock

    Want to compare 2 windows? You may or may not know about the dock feature. Simply drag the window to the extreme left or right of the screen and it will dock to half the screen (NO MORE WASTED TIME RESIZING). However even more simply press:   +                                   ...
  • Autobots assemble : AWESOME!

    Check this out: Thanks to Peacer for uploading this to the tube! :) and Great video guys!
  • Shake it like a desktop window

    Another feature built into win7 is shake. You got a busy desktop? Shake the window (by clicking on the title bar and moving it rapidly up and down) Voila - Everything else behind the window minimises. Repeat the process to get everything back :)
  • Flying with Win 7

    Ta dah! Win 7 beta 1 is available! Oh yes! hello to all the things in vista that you thought wouldnt it be awesome if you could..... Now call me old fashion but one thing that has been phased out over the years are manuals (not that we would ever read...