Hit the ground running

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About Hit the ground running


About Hit the ground running

Hi World....

I am a Partner Technologist Specialist working for Microsoft....Or as a colleague described me:

I'm a Professional Geek

My role is to engage with Microsoft Partners around the UK, and aid in readiness, raise technical awareness, and ensure they are as enthusistic about the technology as I am.

I have to say I love my job as I get to play with technology every day, but most importantly I get to have an input it what happens with future products.

This blog is for people to find answers to questions that I have had to go and either find out or work out myself, but also for me to tell you all the cool stuff I have discovered. Its also a way for my friends and family to see what I'm up to as I'm rarely in one place longer than 5 minutes...

 All that is left for me know is to say thank you for visiting and enjoy my blog :)