This is it. We are getting there.

Month after month, day after day, feedback after feedback, bug after bug, features versus content versus facts versus antitrust policies versus TimeToMarket, Microsoft Windows Vista new operating system is now CLOSER than ever.

And my question is? ARE YOU READY? Have you thought about the idea that it will be the biggest OS released of Microsoft in their history? That Vista is the biggest and more complex project in which ANY software company has ever gone through? Are you getting your applications being tested through the already available and FREE applications compatibility tools Microsoft has provided? Have you heard that within the first year there will be over 100 million PC running Windows Vista? (over 250M in the second year). You really want your applications to run on Vista.

So my little piece of advice here is, go and use it, install it, enjoy it! You'll see how really Vista works. And don't forget that you are still on time to provide us with feedback and your opinion. We do hear, and we do make changes (even small ones!!).